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Pernell Walker Stars With Luke Evans in Luc Besson- Produced 'Weekend In Taipei' Acquired By Ketchup Entertainment


“Halfway Bitches Go Straight to Heaven,” Guirgis’s rough-cut gem of a new play, is rich with revelation and barbed empathy.
- Alexandra Schwartz


Exclusive: Pernell Walker Talks Showtime’s City On A Hill Season 2


Dominique Fishback, Pernell Walker, and Jamie Neumann are standouts among the group of actresses playing The Deuce’s working girls.
They’re keenly tuned in to what the show is trying to do, locating and illustrating the fears and wants and shaded motives in characters that are often two-dimensionally rendered on screen.

Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair

Interview with Knockturnal at The Deuce NY Premiere


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 binge recap

"Who Plays Titus' Wife on 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'? Pernell Walker Is Talented"- Mariella Mosthof

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Writers Walk Us Through Season Two’s Most Memorable Jokes


A new play by James Anthony Tyler | Directed by Charlotte Brathwaite

Cast: Tina Fabrique, Flor De Liz Perez, Cesar Rosado, Chinaza Uche and Pernell Walker


Isabel Peters has a stable job at Harlem Office. Clock in. Clock out. Get paid. But when an overeager new employee gets hired and an ambitious manager becomes the office's overseer, Isabel finds herself at the center of office politics and down to her last nerve. With cutbacks around the corner, soon everyone’s fighting to keep their jobs and their sanity. Some, though, will do anything to survive. Absolutely anything.


"Pernell Walker as Isabel is hilarious and heartbreaking and defiant and desperate, all rolled into one. The story pivots around her and she commands our attention with her flawless performance and impressive emotional range".

"Stellar 'Dolphins and Sharks' Pits the Powerless Against One Other"

- Miriam Felton Dansky

"The ensemble cast is excellent, imbuing their characters with sympathetic detail."


"James Anthony Tyler exposes the harsh realities of the service sector in his new drama."

- Zachary Stewart


"The production benefits from excellent performances: Walker is razor-sharp as Isabel, dispensing deadly shade with maximum efficiency. Her performance is so sympathetic that we come to see her resentment as justified, even if we recognize it as counterproductive."



The devastatingly likeable Walker has a deliciously sexy Errol Flynn swagger, playing cards and shooting the shit, with her latest honey happily hanging onto her, along with moments of piercing tenderness."

​"In one of the strongest scenes, she persuades her best friend, Laura (Pernell Walker), to buy a strap-on dildo for her, which Alike then finds too uncomfortable to wear under her clothes at a local women’s dance club."


Interview with Wilson Morales about Pariah

Pernell Walker and Pariah cast remember their coming of age stories​​


Film Journal International
Shadow and Act




​"The fierce Pernell Walker, as a former case of Anne's gone bad, deserves a whole play to herself. It is in Walker's tortured voice of survival that Seed most comes to fruition."

"Smith clearly knows how to get the best from his actors, as all five cast members deliver rich performances...She constantly visits ex-client Rashawn (a moving Pernell Walker) in prison and finds someone new to help Chee-Chee"

MY petition in support of Jesse Williams is quoted in USA TODAY!

"Pernell Walker created her own petition, 'ABC: Keep Jesse Williams on Grey's Anatomy' which garnered more than 5,000 signatures at the time of publishing.

Walker denied Smith's claim that Williams' words were hate speech. "Jesse's speech is an eloquent and passionate call to action against countless unarmed African Americans being murdered at the hands of Police across America," Walker wrote. "It is a beautiful demonstration and celebration of his 1st amendment right of free speech."



 "Pernell and Richard together were amazing. They had an amazing rehearsal process that kind of lead up to that final scene"

- Rod Gailes OBC
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